Time to Redefine our Lives in Oregon

Ever have one of those weeks when everything is going along pretty well, and the…BAM!!…the door slams shut right in front of you?  Well……this week was full of ups and downs for the build.  To be expected…YES….frustrating ….YES, YES!!  So here’s the good and the bad!  Bad first….

Tick, tick, tick, tick……..I feel like the days of good weather are just ticking away, and nothing physical has been done on the house site!  Maybe I’m over reacting….I think of Oregon and I think of rain.  But I haven’t been up here for the summer into fall season, so although I have friends and coworkers telling me the real rains don’t usually start until October…..my sometimes glass half empty mind thinks, “well usually doesn’t mean always.”  We found out this week that construction funding may be held up for another 3-4 weeks.  AAARRGGGHHHH!!!!   We feel like we’ve been strung along by the finance company….NOT ASSOCIATED WITH ADAIR HOMES….so that we wouldn’t go looking for another bank.  It’s always, “There’s no problem, we’re just waiting for the underwriters”…..YET something wasn’t right.  Tony called them on it and they admitted that, “Yes, everything looks good”, but “This and that.”  If they would have been up front and honest with us from the beginning, we could have done things a little differently…now at this point it feels like we’re stuck….waiting, while all this great weather passes by!!!

The good!!….we got our building permit!!!  No hang ups, no problems….Adair’s paperwork and plans were excellent and just what the county needed!!  We can start demo’ing the old home anytime we want now, so during these next couple of weeks, the little house will be coming down…one way or another.  We’ll try to get the excavation done so that once the funding goes through, our site is ready to go!! 

Unfortunately, the bank really took the wind out of our sails this week.  Tony and I were a little more than frustrated and (probably me more than him) took it out on each other with defensive, hurtful attitudes at times.    So, I’m including this video to remind both of us (me especially) and (to appologize to Tony) that there is a reason we are doing this….and there is a reason our 25th Wedding Anniversary is coming up this November.  In the midst of the frustration, this is the reason for it all…….

It’s about you and me…….and the four of us (10 of us if you count the four legged members of this family.)

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  1. Circumstances out of our control… don’t they just make a mess of everything? Whenever I encounter a glitch, I just hope that God’s got a good reason for it. Keep focused on the goal… don’t let the disappointments color the whole experience. You have accomplished so much! And you will someday look back on this time and be amazed at your strength and determination. Praying for smooth sailing… and dry skies… ahead!


  2. Wow, Tami, it’s so fun to see this finally happening after you guys talking and dreaming about it for so long! I can’t wait to see the end result!

    How’s the fishing? Once you are all built, maybe we’ll come up and let Clay dangle a line in a stream somewhere. He loves to fish.

    Love you,


    • Candy, we’d love for you guys to come up! We’re hoping by….Christimas…we’ll be in our new home. I hope Clay likes frog legs..hahaha, that is all that is in the pond at this point. But the creek has crayfish, and is supposed to be a salmon stream, but we haven’t seen any fish yet.


  3. My cousin…..How are you????? I can’t believe you moved. You all have been on my mind a ton, but I can’t believe you moved…..Can we come to…HAHAHA I love you so much…


    • If you don’t come up, I’ll be mad!!! HAHAHAHA Unless you want to stay in a tent, we’ve got to wait for a little awhile. The kids can fish in the pond (we’re going to try to stock it with something more than frogs…hahaha)


  4. Paul & Cathy said:

    We are so excited for you! Life is an adventure and with the Lord it is glorious! Can’t wait to see pictures. Where about in Oregon are you guys? Lord willing we’ll be up there to visit next summer. We came last year and saw Uncle Steve and Aunt Jeanne for Steve’s surprise birthday party. Now we have two families to visit up there – who knows, maybe we have have family reunions up there?

    We’ll be praying for you and the building project.

    We love you!

    Paul & Cathy & Bri!


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