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Thawing and Greening

We are soaked!!  Gobs of water everywhere.  The snow and ice have melted very quickly as our temps grew to a sultry 45 degrees the last couple of days, and the water is flowing!!

The flow into the pond.

The flow into the pond.

The overflow out of the pond.

The overflow out of the pond.

This culvert takes the overflow from the pond under the driveway, fed by an overflow outet....

This culvert takes the overflow from the pond under the driveway, fed by an overflow outlet….

…..and a secondary overflow culvert when the main outlet gets overwhelmed…..

January 2017

…..it’s all about protecting the driveway.

The ground quickly turned to slush….and then very slippery ice as the slush refroze overnight, but continued it’s melting process (does that make sense??)  Seemingly, in one quick moment….the white was gone and the green had returned.

January 2017 January 2017

I'm melting.......

I’m melting…….





January 2017

January 2017

January 2017

Seriously, I do not know if this truly happens, but I am totally convinced that underneath the frozen white, the lush green continued to grow.   Look how long the grasses are as they appeared from their winter cocoon!!

January 2017

While it is good to have our feet on solid ground, the evidence of our gopher invasion…..

Busy little gophers.....this isn't even the half of it. UGGHHH!

Busy little gophers…..this isn’t even the half of it. UGGHHH!

……makes for sticky mud on shoes or paws….and those paws LOVE to dig into those muddy gopher mounds.

March 2015

Thankfully, the pond provides an automatic paw wash station….

January 2017

Happy AFC, NFC playoff game day!!!  It’s all about football!!  I hope you have a great day whether you are watching the big games (that lead to the Super Bowl) of not…try and catch a little bit of fun in your day today.

Your friend from Oregon,


Green on the Horizon

On this 16th day of walking through piles of snow, I am a cauldron of mixed emotions.  We are literally on the cusp of the big melt…..part of me looks forward to having my feet firmly planted on the ground, rather than sinking into the powdery accumulation….

January 2017

…..or slipping on the beaten-down snow that has turned to solid ice…..the other part of me is not ready for it all to go away.  There is so much more involved than just the desire to walk on solid ground.  Accumulated snow hits all of my senses….in a good way. When I am inside, I love the coziness of the wood stove fire while taking in the beauty of the white against the greens and browns.  When I am outside, it feels playful just to walk in the powder, and comical when I and those around me change our gate to that of a penguin when walking on ice.

Thinking of returning to green has gotten me thinking about the garden.  The plans are to move the location, and make it much larger.  Our plans don’t always seem to come to fruition though, so it will be interesting to see what actually happens.   Somehow we get lost between the idea, and the action.  Besides the fact that Tony and I both need to stay employed to make any of this possible, our plans are kind of loosely woven, and we lack the extra hands it takes to get some things done.

July 2016

We tend to try to do things ourselves, and we are not connected with other homesteaders or farmers to barter with or benefit from their knowledge.   The past several years, we have not been great with “community,” and that doesn’t work well when you relocate your life, and all of your prior resources from where you were born and lived for 48 years, are gone.


I didn’t intend for this writing to go this direction, but there are opportunities on the horizon and I don’t know if we can or will make them happen.  I think I get stuck in the, “Why make plans if we’re not going to follow through” , or “Seriously, we’re not zoned for that?” kind of thinking.  I get mad because the mind and spirit are willing, but the body continues to say…..”Mmmmmmm, maybe not.”…..

August 2013

…..the heavy physical stuff hurts my hands and shoulders these days.  Running this homestead, doing projects on this homestead are very physical in nature….if we can’t pay to help get it done, we have to do all the heavy lifting…..there is not enough time in the day.  Sometimes I feel like the dreams I had are slipping away….one major dream, seemingly, already has….but never say never….right?

September 2016

I’m sorry to go in this direction today.  I am committed to being honest with you in my writing, which means it’s not always posies and roses up here on the hill.  If I planted those they’d get eaten by the deer anyway so…..hahahaha!!  I’m just in this transitional place wherein I need to decide if it is enough for me to just enjoy the environment and forget about trying to grow our homestead, and earning possibilities that it could bring.

January 2017

That was not our plan when we bought it, we had a direction, we wanted the land to work for us….but plans, I have learned, are mostly just guidelines in life.  There is so much you can’t see on the horizon….best to be fluid and not static.  Maybe I’m short on vitamin D…LOL

March 2005

In any respect, I / we have a lot to think about….what direction should we go in?  If you will let me, I will include you all in the thoughts and “plans.”  I’ve kind of mentioned all of this in the few months prior to now….it is laying heavy on my mind and heart, but I really feel that we have to narrow our focus and lose the diverse functions of this homestead….there just isn’t enough time in the day to continue on that road.   But there was enough time yesterday to do this…….

"Do you want to build a snowmaaannnn??"  Sorry...I just had to say it!!

“Do you want to build a snowmaaannnn??” Sorry…I just had to say it!!

……I hope he sticks around for a few more days!!!  I hope you will stick with us as we “Redefine Our Lives in Oregon”…it’s a continual process.

Thank you for visiting today.

Your friend from Oregon,



House Breaking a Puppy in Winter

Last night it was cold….really cold.  Temps were in the low teens up here on the hill…that is cold for us.  I felt bad that my doggies had to go out there to do their business….but go out they did

December 2016

…..even the puppy…..for whom I can confidently profess has reached the stage of being officially house broken….potty trained….doin’ the dooty in the great outdoors consistently without fail, and even asks now to go out!!  You’ve gotta love Great Danes….they do not like going potty in their house….

January 2017

…..this little girl is only 3 months old….

January 2017

….no more wet spots accidentally discovered!!!  She has managed success while battling:  rain….

Alivia at 8 weeks old

Alivia at 8 weeks old

…..wind, freezing rain,

January 2017

snow, big heavy rain, temps into the teens, snow that has turned to ice…..she figured it out even in the coldest of nights….

She looks so cold out there in the dark.

She looks so cold out there in the dark.

….battled her desire to run back inside (okay that happened a couple of times)….

Doggie potty area.

Doggie potty area.

….and went out there anyway and got the job done!!

Mama and Pup ... Little Alivia - 3.5 mos old.

Mama and Pup … Little Alivia – 3.5 mos old.

This award goes to little, Alivia!!   Gooood girlllll!!!

January 2017


P.S.  I wrote about house breaking puppies a little while back on my other site….https://haveadanehilldanes.com/2016/09/02/puppy-basics-go-potty-outside/  It has been an intense several weeks of the get-up-and-run-for-the-door-at-a-moments-notice over and over again time of Alivia’s life….but it is so worth it to have a 3 month old house broken puppy!!

Have a great Sunday!!  Thank you for visiting today!

Your friend from Oregon,



Hooves on Ice

I don’t know if we are doing this right.  I’d love some advice!!  By, Sunday afternoon, our snow turned to snow under ice as freezing rain covered the homestead.  Literally, everything was / is covered in a sheet of ice.

January 2017

While the goats don’t seem to mind rain or snow, ice is a different story.  Our goats are Spanish Heritage Meat Goats…they are large, about 100 – 120 pounds.   Imagine being a goat….walking around in life on high heels….their hooves remind me of heels.  What a weird design hooves are….anyway…..here you are, walking around on an icy surface in heels.  It would be a bit precarious, at best.  Remember, Bambi??

Call it experience, intelligence, or instinct……the goats do not venture out of their barn when they sense the ground is slippery and icy.  As the ice became a bit more brittle later in the day, they did eventually venture out.  I feel badly for them because they just stood around getting really wet from the rain that pooled on top of the icy covered snow.  I have to wonder if we should have done something different for them.  Should we have closed them in for the day?  Is it okay that they just stand out there and get thoroughly wet?

January 2017

They do have a thick, winter coat on….it does repel water and snow away from their skin, but will it eventually get saturated?

January 2017

Will they be chilled throughout the night?  Any suggestions or shareable insight out there??  I hope they were comfortable through the night.

The goats bedding is dry and very thick

The goats’ bedding is dry and very thick

The chickens seem to have more sense.  On days like yesterday, they stay in their house, or on their covered porch.  Ice and snow are not their things, and they know it.  Unfortunately, I did not build their chicken cabana, as in winters past this year.  I blame it on a certain puppy.

January 2017

Sometime in the very early hours of Monday morning, snow started to fall again.  These were big, chunky, fat flakes….they were the type that would land on the dog….and stay on the dog…haha!

January 2017

Quickly, our footprints were filled in by the fluff, and quickly the new fallen snow started turning into slush within the well defined grooves of tire tracks…..

January 2017

…..and footprints.

January 2017

As of Monday afternoon, the pond was still frozen, there was copious amounts of snow still to melt, and beautiful pictures yet to be taken.  It is so strange to be covered in frozen for this long….imagine doing this for a three, four, or even five month stretch.  Guess what??  There is more snow in the forecast tonight, and tomorrow.  Am I dreaming of spring….not yet.  I think I would like to take in the beauty of it all for just awhile longer.

January 2017

Thank you for visiting our frozen homestead today.  May you have a wonderful, tenth of January.

Your friend from Oregon,


The First Eight Days of 2017

I am so taken by the white fluffy stuff that falls from the sky.  As a child, a young adult, an….ol…..more mature adult, I looked to the skies of the Bay Area in California and hoped, wished, even prayed that it would snow….and snow it did….once, when I was in Middle School.  It was such a rare event that even though it was not even close to sticking on the ground, the school let us out of our classrooms to experience the joy of the numerous flakes fluttering overhead.  It was an event that I remember well.

If you were lucky enough to live in the hills surrounding the lower elevations around the San Francisco Bay, once every couple of years snow would fall and accumulate….for 48 years, I yearned to live in those hills…or hills somewhere (maybe Colorado….maybe Twaine Harte, CA….and later in life…maybe Oregon?)  Well, I guess we all know by now where my family and I ended up….LOL!!

This year, literally the first 8 days of 2017, we have had the most beautiful of winters.  There has been snow on the ground to some degree every day since January 1st;

New Year's Dayd....just a dusting.

New Year’s Day….just a dusting.

….not exactly a normal winter pattern.  The air is crisp, and cold, and biting.  When I drive back to town from the valley, the hills are white and beautiful, and I realize that I live in those hills.  I am one of the “hill dwellers”…. sometimes we are in the snow zone….sometimes we are in the clouds.  I have a sense of disbelief that the place I hang my dogs’ leashes are in those hills.  The weird thing is, when I see them from afar, I still look at them with a sense of longing to live there….and somehow, the car keeps moving forward, towards them….through the town….out of town….up the hills….into the snow.  I hope I never take this for granted.

2nd day of January '17

2nd day of January ’17

Still the 2nd day of January

Still the 2nd day of January

The 3rd brought beautiful clear skies, and temps in the teen and twenties.

The 3rd brought beautiful clear skies, and temps in the teen and twenties.

The snow decided to continue to stick around, and the skies added more to the landscape.

The snow decided to continue to stick around for awhile longer on the 4th, and the skies added more to the landscape.

Our goats frozen water buckets were a constant threat throughout the first 5 days of January.

Our goats frozen water buckets were a constant threat throughout the first 5 days of January, and beyond.

While the frigid air painted mosaics on the outer doors....

While the frigid air painted mosaics on the outer doors.

Lucky 7 brought more of the white, powdery, flakes.....

Lucky 7 brought more of the white, powdery, flakes…..

....and since the pond had frozen over during the days prior......

….and since the pond had frozen over during the days prior……

.....the snow deceptively accumulated on top of the frozen layers.

…..the snow, deceptively, accumulated on top of the frozen layers.

Currently, we have about 6 inches of snow accumulated over these first eight days of January.  However, the weather has changed to freezing rain which has been wreaking havoc from at least Eugene all the way up north past Portland.  The range is very wide encompassing from the coastal regions to the Cascades.  It’s not often that you see chains required on the roadways in these parts….the signs have been up since last night.  I love the snow…not so much the ice.  In fact, my daughter and I had a show to attend in Portland last night….


January 2017

…..her wonderful Christmas gift to me.  We were so looking forward to it.  The show was cancelled due to the weather.  Traversing the icy surfaces was not going to be something this girl from south of here, was going to attempt.  Tony’s job requires him to respond in these hazardous conditions as necessary….he’s had to go out twice so far.  Tomorrow – Monday’s roads may be very treacherous as the rains come in and freeze again overnight.  I do not drive over ice, covered in snow, covered in ice….not me!!

December 2016

An icy windshield from a day in December 2016

Managing the animals on the ice should be a “fun” experience today.  I’ll be sure to bring my camera.

Stay safe out there this winter, and thank you for visiting the frozen homestead.

Your friend from Oregon,


First Snow of 2016

I wasn’t sure it would happen this year, but in the last month of the year, Jack Frost decided to visit the Pacific Northwest and allowed a bit of Christmas cheer to fall from the skies.  It was beautiful….and still is as the frozen white lingers upon the grounds of the homestead.

This morning, the same as yesterday….the small finches that we are fortunate to share this forest with, are visiting the snow covered brick patio that we have scattered with wild bird seed.  It is beautiful to watch them dance from the trees, to the patio, into the barn…..scittering to and fro.  It makes my heart so happy!!

December 2016

Mine is not the only heart who gets happy watching the little birds…..

December 2016

…..his does too!!  Hahaha

There were two, “firsts,” with this snow…..his first……

December 2016

……and her first……

December 2016

…..paws in the snow.  They loved it, as I thought they would.  Penni has always loved the snow!

December 2016

Following the snow, came the freezing rain, and everything turned to ice.  We lost power for several hours, and it became very quaint and cozy with the wood stove providing our heat, light, and coffee!!

December 2016

December 2016

At least when there is snow, ice, and 30 degree temperatures outside one doesn’t have to worry about the perishables within the fridge…..haha

December 2016

The cold does create some beautiful, natural ice sculptures…..

December 2016

December 2016

….but I am thankful when the ice turns to slush, and the roads aren’t so scary to drive on.

Merry Christmas!!  I hope your day is filled with joy and beauty.  I think our weather is headed to the east of us, so be careful out there!!

Thank you for visiting today.


First Snow 2016

It’s always an exciting event when the first snow…or any snow for that matter….falls.  In it’s silent descent, the beauty unveils itself with a crisp, exoteric whiteness not often duplicated.  Like a gift, gently unwrapped under the Christmas tree.  It is calming, and gives one permission to settle in, and linger….just a bit longer.


On the other hand….snow, the kind of snow we get is FUN…but we don’t live in it for months on end.  When it snows, it is an event for a few days…it may or may not snow again during that particular winter….but then again…..it might!!


This is the goats first experience with snow.  They sniffed it, they tasted it….


…they ran into their house…then back out.   The funny thing about snow….you don’t feel the wetness on your thick, curly, fur coat until it starts to soak in….I think.  So, they stand outside as the flakes fall and accumulate on their tops…they don’t seem to have the sense that they need to go in out of the “rain.”  Funny goats.


The flock is more seasoned and are keeping their feet warm by staying under cover…except for this one adventurer.




It’s a lovely day in the Pacific Northwest!  Thank you for visiting the farm today.  More of the fluffy white stuff is still in the forecast for this afternoon!  Happy New Year to you all!!

#Have-a-Dane Hill Danes




WELCOME SPRING!! You’ve been asleep too long!!

Penni relaxing in the warm 58 degree sunshine!

Penni relaxing in the warm 58 degree sunshine!

Old Man Winter is keeping his finger on the temperature controls a bit longer…we are still waking up to temps in the twenties…28 degrees at 7:00 this morning. The afternoon temps are getting into the high 50’s so we are totally warming up!! Driving around the lower elevations in town, and out to Salem, trees are in various stages of bloom. Daffodils are blooming like crazy in some places, but up on our hill…we are just now seeing the first brave Bulbasaurs (couldn’t resist that…my son grew up as a big Pokemon fan.)

Our first Daffodil blossoms

Our first Daffodil blossoms

Our young fruit trees that were planted this past fall, are just now starting to swell…sooooooonnnnn to be blossoming!!!

The Pear trees show the most spring-like activity.

The Pear trees show the most spring-like activity.

The Chestnut trees are trying hard to be part of the big spring show!

The Chestnut trees are trying hard to be part of the big spring show!

"I'm Here," shout the Cherry trees!!

“I’m Here,” shout the Cherry trees!!

It’s great to know that these young trees survived the harsh cold, and unusual large snowfall that hit us in January. These beauties are shouting their presence and eagerly waiting to spring forth into the 2014 growing season. The roadblock in front of them are the freezing temperatures we are still experiencing in the early mornings. There is still “frost on the pumpkins” and cars, and rooftops, and ground. We may still be three weeks out before that ends, meaning, sadly, our garden has to wait awhile longer. Although the Giant Sequoias experienced a little frost burn on their tips, the branches are still green and pliable…WHEW!!! That is good news. On the 300 Douglas Fir saplings…we may have lost half of them due to the big snows. It may not be as bad as it appears, but on numerous saplings, needles come off in our hands…not a good sign. In normal conditions, we would loose many of these trees, one reason why you typically plant so many, but this winter was definitely NOT normal!

Definite signs of spring on the farm…starting with our most welcomed tenant, GLORIA!!

GLORIA!!! Our little wild duck that migrates back to the pond every spring!!

GLORIA!!! Our little wild duck that migrates back to the pond every spring!!

The first dandelions of the season!  My flock is very happy!!

The first dandelions of the season! My flock is very happy!!

We've hung the wasp traps to capture as many queens as we can when they emerge from hiding!

We’ve hung the wasp traps to capture as many queens as we can when they emerge from hiding!

I know it's spring and not summer 'cause the Barn Swallows have not made their nests yet in the barn.

I know it’s spring and not summer ’cause the Barn Swallows have not made their nests yet in the barn.

One side of the wood paddock has been burned through the winter.

One side of the wood paddock has been burned through the winter.

The ultimate of ULTIMATES!! The frosting on the cake! The sure sign that spring has sprung…..
Welcome to the farm…to havadanehill….WELCOME THE MUPPETS!! First one hatched, Kermit…March 21, 2014…

Welcome little Kermit!!!

Welcome little Kermit!!!

…three more hatched on March 22nd…Miss Piggy, Statler, and Waldorf (after the two old guys who sit in the Muppets Theater Balcony)…

Chardonnay (Mama Hen), Kermit, Miss Piggy, Statler, and Waldorf!!

Chardonnay (Mama Hen), Kermit, Miss Piggy, Statler, and Waldorf!!

……I could feel three more eggs were cracked under Mama hen yesterday…she hasn’t shown me the new little ones yet today, so I’m not sure how many more have hatched…but I will update soon! She had 10 eggs under her before hatching started!

How Did They Do It???

Just about 2 feet of snow!

Just about 2 feet of snow!

Our neighbors horses...so gorgeous!!!

Our neighbors horses…so gorgeous!!!

How did they do it?? As I try to navigate my world in the midst of a three day snow storm I am amazed at how unprepared I feel. Albeit, I lack in the true snow boot arena, I have mud jumpers that do the trick in keeping my feet dry (for the most part)…since my snow pants (I think I have snow pants) are still packed away somewhere within our shop, double layers of pants seem to keep me warm enough for about a half an hour, although soaked through…then there’s the waterproof jacket and gloves….I’ve got some stuff, but definitely not enough. Trudging through two feet of pant soaking, ice accumulating, leg freezing snow, the warmth of a nice warm fire was all I could think about….well, that and sledding down on of our hills obviously adding to my already frozen appendages. But I have to think….”How in the world did the pioneers….those who crossed the great divide, climbed the Cascade Mountain Range to land in the Willamette Valley of Oregon…how did they make it without the warmth and waterproofing necessary to sustain life this day and age. Would we be able to survive as our ancestors did? How did they survive?” I guess many did not (remember the Donner Party), but somehow, most did!

How did they do it??!!

How did they do it??!!

My San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley, sun 90% of the year upbringing and adulthood is a far cry from the winters of the Pacific Northwest. There is much I have to learn about preparing for weather that can turn on a dime…what’s that saying up here?…”If you don’t like the weather, wait 15 minutes…” On Thursday morning, this was so true!! Within 15 minutes of my walking out the door for work, we went from a few clouds, cold, brisk, refreshingly clean air, to major clouds, “It’s starting to snow”…”We’re in a blizzard (well almost)”…”It’s snowing for 3 days”… “We’ve got 2 feet of snow”…to the beginnings of freezing rain…and if it warms 15 more degrees (which is actually predicted) we may have flooding due to a fast melt of all the snow!!! Holy guacamole!!!!! I am not in Kansas…or in my case, California, anymore!! But I am so happy to be here!!

How are the adult and young flocks doing in all this cold……update coming soon!! In the meantime, here’s a friendly, Claudio, hello!!

Claudio wondering, "What the heck is all that cold, white, icy stuff!"

Claudio wondering, “What the heck is all that cold, white, icy stuff!”


I’m a nervous chicken mama. The temp has been dropping steadily for days. Our efforts to protect the flock has been a learning experience, especially since one of our hens has decided that this would be a great time to sit on a nest. Chardonnay is broody, and extremely dedicated to her potential chicks. December 14th will mark 21 days on the nest…and maybe our first hatching!

This is our first experience with a broody hen, and I know this is the worst time of year for her to be wanting to hatch these eggs, but….we’ll provide whatever support these little chick-a-dees may need for warmth, etc., and hope that Chardonnay will take over some of that responsibility. She has been off the nest a couple of times wherein I think she has gotten confused which box she had been laying on. The eggs had cooled off some, but did not get “cold.” Well maybe a couple of them did. Each time I put her back on the correct nest, she has cuddled down and brought any eggs outside of her body into and under herself. At last count, she had 14 eggs!!! I don’t know if she is bringing more eggs into her nest, or if others are laying theirs where she is lying. This is a true learning experience, and if we come out with one or two chicks, I will be ecstatic!!

This all started two weeks ago today. Six of the 7 hens laid eggs in the same nesting box…Chardonnay decided to sit, and there she stayed. The 7th hen laid her egg in a different box, so since it was still warm, I put that one under her….one egg for each hen giving us a better chance of a pure Buff Orpington chick. Our boxes are a bit small for a broody hen, so Tony took out part of the lower wall under the nesting boxes (they are about 4 ft. off the ground) and made a nest/brooder area that expands into the “people” area. I lost some of my storage space, but Chardonnay is more comfortable, and the chicks won’t fall off the landing area in front of the nesting boxes.

I was afraid that moving Chardonnay and her eggs would result in her abandoning her nest, but she is so devoted, she just wiggled herself back into place, pulled two eggs under her that were sitting out, and snuggled in. She has been much more comfortable since the move, and is growling a lot less when I come near. I bring her treats, and little bowls of cracked corn and chicken feed at night…I thinks this is helping. Due to the cold, I haven’t candled any of the eggs to see what we’ve actually got going under there. I’m sure we won’t have 14 eggs hatch. It’s going to be fun to see what we actually get…I’m hoping for at least one Claudio (our Buff girl) look alike!

New nesting box.

New nesting box.

Ideally, the hope is that the brooders can stay with the flock (in their own area within the chicken house) with mama leading the way, keeping them warm. Logic would say that their integration will be more natural this way, but there are dangers of attack by other flock members that we have to be really thinking about. Our logic doesn’t always coincide with God’s design in nature, so we’ll try our best to nurture through the cold of winter whatever may hatch. I just hope they’ve stayed warm enough through this bitter cold. Either way, I won’t let Chardonnay sit for much longer than a few days past the 21st day. She needs to nourish herself and get back to chicken business beyond nesting.

A question for my knowledgeable poultry friends out there….Will eggs that have been sat upon for many day still hatch if Mama Hen gets confused and sits on eggs laid that morning while her nest grows cold? Chardonnay did that today. In very chilly weather, the eggs were cold to the touch when I found them without her. She readily snuggled back down with them when I put her back on the nest, but my fear is that damage has been done.

OMGosh…It’s Cold out There!

Well…I’ve had to cut my posts from one loooonnnnnnggggg post to two shorter. Keep an eye out for my next post….!

I think that almost the entire country has been in consistently dropping temperatures.

At 7:00 this morning, our outside temp was 3 degrees…3 DEGREES!! The welfare of my chickens has been a huge concern. I’m just short of inviting the flock into the house…..well….maybe not that far, but the garage stays in the back of my mind. Though their house is really wonderful, it is not insulated, and the roofing is metal sheeting. Without help, their inside water would surely freeze…actually it did. This freaked me out!! I felt like such a hugely awful chicken mama, but it threw me into action. I started with rigging up one 250 watt heat lamp, and a heated water bowl…since there is no power to the house, I hooked up power with long, yellow, construction power cords. A week and a half ago, this worked fine…this past week it fell way short. Implementing a cord splitter, heat lamp #2 was employed. The temp dropped again…we moved the heated, outside water dish inside. This seemed to work well for the teen temperatures…but last night we were going to be dropping into the single digits. So, in the dark, in temps of about 13 degrees…Tony and I were out at the chicken house lowering the heat lamps to more directly provide heat to the chicken roosting / nesting areas instead of the general house. With this, and a generous supply of cracked corn, everybody survived the night. Give me a break now….I’m used to animals living INSIDE the house…these girls and guy are my first out-of-the-house experience, and with these kind of temperatures….let’s just say it was a glorious 6:30 a.m. moment when I heard Benedict crowing!!

It's cold out there!

It’s cold out there!

Heat lamps add warmth.

Heat lamps add warmth.

Heated water bowl was a necessary addition.

Heated water bowl was a necessary addition.

Coaxing them in with cracked corn so I can shut the chicken door.

Coaxing them in with cracked corn so I can shut the chicken door.

Claudio the hogging the heat.

Claudio the hogging the heat.

At least they look warm and toasty.

At least they look warm and toasty.

The cabana has been a really great addition, and the flock has spent a lot of time out there. Tony picked up a couple of straw bundles, and spread some of it on the floor of the cabana. That was a hugely great idea as the chickens are not liking foraging around the snow very much. They actively kick around the straw and look for the chicken scratch we’ve thrown out in it, and little bugs that may be hiding.

A big pile of straw to play in.

A big pile of straw to play in.

The more extreme cold is supposed to last a few more days, I think we’ve got it covered….maybe…wait until the next post, big news on the farm!!

Rooster tracks in the snow.

Rooster tracks in the snow.

Ever Wonder………..?

In the spirit of the great Andy Rooney………….

Ever wonder what happens after the interior of a home is painted?

Ever wonder what all those boxes sitting in your garage might be?

Ever wonder  how you go to work in the morning and come home to such an extreme change in your home by the evening?

Wonder what I’m talking about???

It’s all about cabinets, doors, flooring, accessories, and trim work.

This past week started as expected, with the work week beginning on Monday, everything basically going as status quoa (as boring as that sounds there is some niceness to that.)  Tony told me to be prepared because we were expecting a big delivery on Tuesday by about 10 AM.  Although it was a little later in the day……..the huge truck, eventually, rolled up our driveway holding within it’s grasp the major components and accents that will add real beauty to our home.  As the truck was unloaded, all of the wood and flooring products were brought into the house to acclamate to the indoor temperature.  The porcelain, and metal type products have made the garage their temporary dwelling.  So as we walked into our home on Tuesday night…this is what we saw…..

Padding and flooring materials

Carpet and bathroom/laundry room vinyl flooring rolls, and floor-board trim.

We choose a dark cherry wood finish for our cabinets. These are carried throughout the kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry room.

Adair Homes builds their cabinets in their own home layout….they actually build the cabinets into the same space as they will be installed in the new homes.  We did not go with a 100% wood cabinet as we couldn’t justify the additional cost.  However, we were able to do some upgrading in the kitchen and bathrooms…..but that story is for another day! 🙂

The backside of our cabinets and things.

You can see through the windows in this picture how dark it is at about 5:20 at night!!  I couldn’t get really good detailed pictures of a lot of things due to lack of light (the electrical side is not yet completed.)  Tony rigged a string of construction type lights throughout the house, but at this phase of the construction, they were more of a hinderance than a help so they came down.  Photographing is difficult in the dark, and we basically don’t really get to see the true progress until the weekends where we can see how the colors really blend together in full light!  It is, however, an added treat for the weekend to have a gift to unwrap on Saturday mornings, even though we have a preview each evening…the difference is usally quite nice.

So this Saturday, when we entered into our home for the first time seeing it in the light of day, this is what we saw……….

The view from inside the M. Bdrm looking out to the hallway (that's a linen closet on left) and into the M. Bath on right.

Looking into the M.Bathroom, down through to the walk-in closet.

I love the trim work here surrounding the front hallway closet and 1/2 bath.

The nook and closet area of our daughter's room. The nook will soon become a built-in bench seat...with an awesome view!

This shows a bit of the depth of the window framing. I know a couple of cats who are going to love that. HAHAHA just kidding Tony.

The cabinets look a little darker here...there is more of a cherry hue than is picked up in this pic.

This picture shows the dark cherry finish better. That is the island for the sink, dishwasher, and eating bar. Sorry Tony, you got into that one..hahaha.

This was a surprise.....we didn't realize the bdrm closets would have built-in inserts. Nice bonus!!

With all the excitement of the interior of the house coming together, Mother Nature decided to drop a wonderful white covering to the Pacific Northwest.  The only thing better would be to  be able to share it with our family and friends back….where we used to call home.  I hope I can drive in this to go to work tomorrow…….

Our home in the snow!

View down to the pond.

The little bug all covered in snow 🙂

Next week promises to bring another exciting episode…..to be continued!!

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