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A Great Day for a Story

I’m sorry for my absence lately…it has been a very busy season for me…..as is for most of us.

Gloria's Pond Nov. 2014

This post is dedicated to my Aunt H, and Uncle D.  We have not been able to enjoy a Christmas together since I was very young, so  I thought I’d bring a bit of my little family’s Holiday Season to the both of you.

Darol and Helen

You have both had some health challenges this year, and are in various stages of healing, and waiting for the next medical procedure.  I know the Lord has strengthened you both through all of this, and will continue to do so.  I am amazed at how, Uncle Darol, bounces back with seemingly (of course this is my view from a distance) little struggle, and how, Aunt Helen, presses on through the pain, and difficulties she faces every day.  You both are incredibly strong, resilient, and great role models to me in the depth of your faith in our Lord, Jesus Christ.  I wish we could have been closer in proximity through the years, and one day we will be….we will once again eat together at Grandma and Grandpa’s table.

Grandma & Grandpa 1987

We’ll pass around the football, the pie & coffee, and break open walnuts before dinner with Grandpa…then sit down to a competitive game of dominoes.  Yes, we will have those moments of my early childhood back again….in God’s great timing…we will gather in His presence, and we will enjoy the fellowship of our family once more

This is Christmas on our farm, 2014. 

The arrival of the elk herd kicked off our holidays!!  They were amazing!!

Thanksgiving came in like, “Speedy Gonzalez”…it was here and gone in a flash.  The day was quiet, and lovely. My mom spent the afternoon with us, and, unfortunately, the only picture taken involved food.


Thanksgiving Dinner 2014

A few days later, Tony was diagnosed with Pneumonia…probably one of the reasons our Thanksgiving day was so low key.  Thankfully, he got better quickly!!

As the days went on, and Christmas approached…we started to decorate.  Putting lights on the house allowed us a chance to knock down some huge wasps nests that enjoyed our roof-line over the summer months.

One of the three large cones within one huge paper wasp nest.

One of the three large cones within one huge paper wasp nest.

We picked out our Christmas tree from a local tree farm…

She was full, and beautiful!

She was full, and beautiful!

Okay…why did we go to a local tree farm to cut down a Christmas tree when we have a forest full of trees??  The only answers I can give you are….#1: someone, who shall be nameless, has a fear of spiders…#2: the tree farm shakes the bejeebers out of the trees they sell, hopefully eliminating those eight legged monsters….#3: we like to support our local farmers…#4: because $20 for a 7 foot tree is such a HUGE bargain (coming from the SF Bay Area where this tree would have cost us $125.00 plus, to get it from a local farmer and not a parking lot.) We love a bargain!!!  Here she is!!

Here she is...no tinsel though...we have cats!!

Here she is…no tinsel though…we have cats!!

We enjoyed our small town’s Winter fest, with the lighting of the Courthouse Christmas Tree…

Courthouse Christmas Tree 2014

And the arrival of Santa Claus by the fire depts.’ ladder truck…preceded by a Harley entourage!!  The line to see Santa was pretty long…

Line for Santa 2014It was a really nice evening with local vendors, and the little shops downtown all open for business.  There were carolers, free cookies and hot cocoa…and of course, Pressed Coffee and Wine Bar was a welcomed place to land for a hot snowball and good music.

Tony and I took a drive to Portland, and landed at the infamous, VooDoo Doughnuts!  Our first time, but it won’t be our last!!

VooDoo Doughnuts 2014 IMG_8371 IMG_8373Do you see the Chevy’s Fresh Mex Restaurant chip bag in the background….another stop on our day, leaving Portland.  There’s a story about Chevy’s (not for today), but if you’ve never tried their salsa…you haven’t yet lived!!!!

We always include our animals in our Christmas celebrations…..the flock was no exception….

Chicken House 2014Fourteen stockings for fourteen birds….Christmas Day, the flock received….

WHY...do chickens moult in the late fall, early winter??

WHY…do chickens moult in the late fall, early winter??

….shredded cheddar cheese for a breakfast treat, and Santa brought a big molasses chicken scratch block.

Santa's Gift 2014Me thinks Santa done good!!!! (Forgive me Ellen, the Grammar Cop…..hahahaha

Below are some of my favorite images of Christmas this year…

Images of Christmas 2014 IMG_8428 IMG_8429 IMG_8433

The bird house barn...I like to imagine that the scene from the cookie tin next to it, depicts what's going on inside the barn!!

The bird house barn…I like to imagine that the scene from the cookie tin next to it, depicts what’s going on inside the barn!!

One of my most treasured decorations since 1986.

One of my most treasured decorations since 1986.

My mom's little Chiweenie...Chique...all dressed up on Christmas Eve!!

My mom’s little Chiweenie…Chique…all dressed up on Christmas Eve!!

If you remember this past August, we lost our old friend, Tucker, after 13 wonderful years.  His stocking joined the place at Christmas where we honor our beloved furry family members no longer with us.

Our beloved furry family members no longer with us...but always in our hearts!

Our beloved furry family members no longer with us…but always in our hearts!

Christmas was full of joy…food…lots of food….gifts….and skeet shooting!!

WOW...I've really got to work on my technique...haahahaha

WOW…I’ve really got to work on my technique…haahahaha

download-5  Christmas Day Skeet Shooting 2014

Daddy and daughter had the best overall percentage of hits…but boyfriend, well, let’s just say he’s had a little practice….hahaha!  He’s got a good eye!!  Me, I need to practice…you too, son…hahahaha!!

After all the antics of the day….Hank had had enough…..

Christmas Hank 2014

…..enough ignoring him…..he was hungry!!!  With only about two moves left in the game…Hank handled the situation!!!  Look at that face….hahahaha!!!

Christmas 2014

From our family to yours…we hope you had a very Merry Christmas!!  Our thoughts and prayers for a wonderful, energetic, truly amazing, and joy filled 2015 go out to you.  Happy New Year to all who visit this farm, may your lives be richly blessed!!

Thank you for visiting today!   Your friend on the farm,







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