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Where Do We Go From Here

March 2016

Things are always moving, changing, rolling forward on this farm / forest homestead, yet so much of it repeats in a cyclical, seasonal way.   These things never really repeat the same way, but I get caught up in the thought of, “Well I’ve already written about that.”   I am so appreciative of my Readers!  I am so amazed that people actually read the words that I add to these pages….Thank you!!

March 2016

I am a dreamer.  I dream about things we could accomplish with this land.  I dream about how I can be a good steward of the environment, and nature while growing life…ours, the animals (wild, livestock, and pets) while we change the satellite view of the landscape from out in space.  More than anything, I dream about how I can share this land, this beautiful, beautiful land with those who would visit, in person and those virtually by means of this blog.  From the first time we stepped foot here, I knew it wasn’t just ours….it was meant to be shared.  I feel close to God here…His creation is everywhere….my heart is for others to feel that too…I can’t escape it.

March 2016

So here is my question….”Where do we go from here?”  I believe that whatever it is, it must serve our community, in some way.  I can think of at least a dozen ways to do that, the problem is taking the leap and making it happen.  Going past my fears and into the greater good.  So my goal is to decide on a path, and go forward….that is what I am praying about, that is where my mind has been for the last several months.  I get stuck….I think about how these ideas may negatively impact my neighbors, and how I can mitigate and lessen that.  Realizing that there are acres in between us, I have to get out of the mind set of my 40 plus years from birth of living in the city….although sound does carry, I do not have a neighbor’s home 20 feet from my own anymore.  Anyway, I have to start thinking more about the good I can accomplish than the hurdles I may need to jump.

March 2016

So, beyond the farm / forest updates, I hope you will come along with me….as we explore where the road, and the Lord may take us in this journey.  I hope to update you on the struggles, decision making, and progress that occurs….and I’m thinking if I put it out there on this forum, it will compel me to keep moving my feet forward.  How about it?  Will you go on this journey with me?

March 2016

I hope to walk the miles with you all…..we can chat and enjoy each others’ company along the way!!  Will you come with me?

Thank you for visiting the farm today.  Many updates await, and I invite your input…I don’t want to take this journey alone.  Please LIKE, SHARE, and COMMENT….it will be fun to hear from you!!

March 2016

Your friend from Oregon,


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Better Late than Never

Well, they have arrived!! Tony and I were pretty much convinced that the window had closed, and the yearly visit was not to be. We missed our friends, and wished that we could roll back the calendar for just a day to look upon their elegance. No doubt this is a curious way to speak about a friendship, I mean, I would laugh…really hard…if someone spoke of me that way, I’m just so NOT elegant! However, these friends that I talk about walk, dress, and present themselves so differently. I catch myself looking at them, no, gazing at them…sometimes too long. When their eye catches mine, I am somewhat embarrassed; they seem uncomfortable. I would too. It’s just really hard to turn away.

Our friends showed up yesterday morning, unannounced!! That kind of spontaneity is not always easy for me, I must admit, but their faces were so familiar…through my surprise, I tried not to stare…but stare I did. I’d like for you to meet them……

The Elk have returned!!

The Elk have returned!!

Their appearance was brief, and they did not return this morning…but the elk may be back tomorrow!! Last year, they came quite close to the house. It is so amazing how incredibly HUGE they are!!! The pictures below are quick shots we were able to capture last year. The elk are very quick to retreat if they sense we are watching, so we could only get this close using the camera on our phones…please forgive the quality…

Elk 2013
Elk 2013
Elk 2013
Elk 2013

Believing that this is the one and only time we’ll get a glimpse of our seasonal guests this year, we say, “Welcome!!,” and, “See you next year!!!”

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