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Satisfying and Delicious

Who can take a sunrise…..sprinkle it with dew….cover it with chocolate and a miracle or two….the Candy Man…..oh the Candy Man can….the Candy Man can cause he mixes it with love and makes the world taste good. (The Candy Man – by Sammy Davis Jr. Writer: Chambers, Karina / Monaco, Katherine / Schjolin, Morten / Ingoldsby, Denis Noel Copyright: Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Universal Music Publishing Group, EMI Music Publishing)

April 2015

It’s kind of amazing how all creatures..big, small, human, animal….zombie…..are all attracted to the sweet things in life, at least sometimes.  There are THOSE yummy things that take more effort to resist than others.

April 2015

I think that that kind of treat will be important in the management of our little goat herd.  Clark and Lott, being bottle fed babies, are easy to handle.  They come running when they hear our voices….they call out when they see us….in stark contrast is, Montana!

April 2015

Since Montana was raised to forage with the herd, he is not accustomed to as much direct handler contact.  He does not relish the idea of being scratched or hugged, and if he senses movement in his direction…he goes the opposite way.  Montana is completely wonderful….he is exactly what we wanted to help the bottle fed babies learn the basics of, “How to Be a Brush Goat.”  However….I do want to be able to handle Montana when it is necessary, so he and I have been working on familiarity with being touched.  He doesn’t have to like it, he just needs to be able to stand still when it is necessary.  We have made pretty good progress….and then…there was yesterday!!

April 2015

We broke boundaries yesterday….Montana actually ate out of my hand!!  The lure….goat candy…better known as young Douglas Fir branches.  Tony introduced the three to this delicious treat a couple of days ago.

April 2015

Since licorice flavored goat treats weren’t pull enough for Montana to breach that border between food and hand…I decided to try a young fir branch…..SUCCESS!!!!  This seems to be a treat that all three of our kids cannot resist.

As chomping ensued, I was able to get a few scratches in behind Montana’s ears, and between his horns.  Petting his furry body was a little more intrusive than Montana would welcome, but progress is progress!!  Later that evening after I had closed them in for the night, Montana stood still and allowed me to pet him a bit.  I didn’t push it….by the way…I never knew that goat kids were so fluffy!!

April 2015

No worries, little guys…there is plenty more where that came from!!

April 2015

Thanks for visiting the kids this morning!!  I hope you have a sweet, sweet day!!

Your friend from Oregon,



Dotting the Landscape

Miss Fozzy Bear

Miss Fozzy Bear


The moisture in the land this time of year brings about a true richness and depth in the natural colors that dot the scenery.  I love how the redness in the wood that ladens the land pops through the bright green of the winter moss, and grasses.

January 2015

January 2015

A stray piece of Douglas Fir bark becomes a topographical mapping of the roadways various insects have taken to navigate their way, to and fro.

January 2015

Stumps that are being slowly broken down and decayed dramatically showcase tunnels and caverns.

January 2015

Stray branches damaged by weather, and time create an amazing centerpiece fit for a king’s table.

January 2015

Even the flock want to get their feet onto a wooden surface………nope, not that one ladies…..no way….

January 2015

….that’s more like it!!

Those are some beautiful girls!!

Those are some beautiful girls!!

Thanks for visiting our forested farm today.   I hope you have a wonderful day!

Your friend from Oregon,



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