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King of the Rock Pile

What happens when you put rocks in front of a goat??

June 2015

Curiosity….an immediate attraction…an innate desire to……

June 2015

…climb that rock!!  Always better to climb with a friend!  And while you are on that rock…..

June 2015

…don’t forget to taste the local cuisine, and then……

June 2015

…..invite your friends….wait….what happened to the friend you were climbing with…….

A Little Taste of Merlot Wine

….well….he ran over to the bar and had a little taste of red wine….Hahahaha!  Little Clark…not much of a connoisseur…haha.  I guess he will stick with water…

In the meantime, Montana and Lott continue to explore the rocky terrain….

June 2017

….until something else catches their attention.

June 2015

Did I mention that goats like to climb??!!

June 2015

Thank you for visiting the farm today!


Have a wonderful Sunday!!!

Your friend from Oregon,



A Whole New World

April 2015

To continue on with the good, the bad, and the ugly, today, we get to focus on the good!!  There definitely was some good along with the bad, and the ugly…..little Clark’s scours was, shall we say…solidified!!  I actually confirmed today during our “Good morning, Hello” the real-time evidence of perfectly formed little jelly beans…YAY!!!!!!  But there is more….there is much more!!  Take a look at the picture above….now envision three little billy goats…shorter than the tops of the tall grasses…roaming, eating, and lying in the shade of a big, ole tree on a warm, spring day.  That’s good….that’s very good!!

April 2015

Fence building was priority one this past week, but before we could even get started, there were a few trees impeding the future fence line that would need to be cut.  Tony lined out the fence to go directly through a grove of Douglas Firs….

April 2015

….that needed thinning….two had broken tops….this worked out very nicely.  We will have plenty of logs to burn this coming fall / winter.

April 2015

Many holes were augered for the wooden posts necessary for support….fencing on a hill is a lot of fun…uhhh yeaahhhh.  Just ask my He-Man ….. I wish I had pictures of Tony carrying those heavy logs while walking uphill to drop them into place…oh well, it’s engrained in my memory banks…. 😉  Although fencing-in this pasture was a team effort, most of the build fell onto Tony’s shoulders (literally.)  My son helped out as his time allowed…and I came along in between work, the house, and everyday farm chores.  Thankfully, Tony had a full week to devote to this project….nonetheless, it was a busy week for all of us.  Thank goodness for Alleve!!


We ran an electric, shock wire all the way around the fence line about 2 inches above the top, and 6 or 8 inches above the bottom.  Since we do not have a guard animal yet for the herd, we’re hoping this will do the trick … let’s have a collective “fingers crossed” moment out there…readyyyyyyyy…..NOW!!

April 2015

I’m inviting you to experience the moment….the moment that the gate was opened, allowing our three young wethers into their new world….the world beyond their previous fence line….the world of tall grasses, Douglas Fir trees, and cool, shady places….a whole new world!!!!  At first they payed absolutely no attention to the opened gate…..it was a look, back to chewing….continued staring, and chewing….standing, staring, chewing.  Really, what did I expect???  They are goats, not dogs!!!  Hahaha!!  Finally, surprisingly, Lott led the way….

Lott May 2015

….we had really expected the leader to be, Montana.

Montana April 2015

The first day, they stayed around the gate.  However, the herd is slowly expanding their grazing.  They seem happy!!

April 2015

Despite the residual aches and pains Tony and I are enjoying….it is very satisfying to have this first pasture fenced and open for the kids to grow and flourish on.  Plans continue for growth of this farm.  Did you notice the strength of the fencing??  It is strong!!  Why so strong?  Why so many wooden pole supports?   Can we hear a “Mooooooo?”  Okay, not yet….but…………that’s a maybe!!!

Thanks for helping us enjoy the farm today.  We always look forward to your visits!!!

IMG_9630 2

Please, have a wonderful, wonderful Sunday!!

Your friends from Oregon,

Tami & Tony!!






Satisfying and Delicious

Who can take a sunrise…..sprinkle it with dew….cover it with chocolate and a miracle or two….the Candy Man…..oh the Candy Man can….the Candy Man can cause he mixes it with love and makes the world taste good. (The Candy Man – by Sammy Davis Jr. Writer: Chambers, Karina / Monaco, Katherine / Schjolin, Morten / Ingoldsby, Denis Noel Copyright: Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Universal Music Publishing Group, EMI Music Publishing)

April 2015

It’s kind of amazing how all creatures..big, small, human, animal….zombie…..are all attracted to the sweet things in life, at least sometimes.  There are THOSE yummy things that take more effort to resist than others.

April 2015

I think that that kind of treat will be important in the management of our little goat herd.  Clark and Lott, being bottle fed babies, are easy to handle.  They come running when they hear our voices….they call out when they see us….in stark contrast is, Montana!

April 2015

Since Montana was raised to forage with the herd, he is not accustomed to as much direct handler contact.  He does not relish the idea of being scratched or hugged, and if he senses movement in his direction…he goes the opposite way.  Montana is completely wonderful….he is exactly what we wanted to help the bottle fed babies learn the basics of, “How to Be a Brush Goat.”  However….I do want to be able to handle Montana when it is necessary, so he and I have been working on familiarity with being touched.  He doesn’t have to like it, he just needs to be able to stand still when it is necessary.  We have made pretty good progress….and then…there was yesterday!!

April 2015

We broke boundaries yesterday….Montana actually ate out of my hand!!  The lure….goat candy…better known as young Douglas Fir branches.  Tony introduced the three to this delicious treat a couple of days ago.

April 2015

Since licorice flavored goat treats weren’t pull enough for Montana to breach that border between food and hand…I decided to try a young fir branch…..SUCCESS!!!!  This seems to be a treat that all three of our kids cannot resist.

As chomping ensued, I was able to get a few scratches in behind Montana’s ears, and between his horns.  Petting his furry body was a little more intrusive than Montana would welcome, but progress is progress!!  Later that evening after I had closed them in for the night, Montana stood still and allowed me to pet him a bit.  I didn’t push it….by the way…I never knew that goat kids were so fluffy!!

April 2015

No worries, little guys…there is plenty more where that came from!!

April 2015

Thanks for visiting the kids this morning!!  I hope you have a sweet, sweet day!!

Your friend from Oregon,



Great Strides

The Wolf and the Goat                                                                                                                                         A WOLF saw a Goat feeding at the summit of a steep precipice, where he had no chance of reaching her. He called to her and earnestly begged her to come lower down, lest she fall by some mishap; and he added that the meadows lay where he was standing, and that the herbage was most tender. She replied, “No, my friend, it is not for the pasture that you invite me, but for yourself, who are in want of food.”  Aesop’s Fable – Translated by George Fyler Townsend – Chicago, Belford, Clarke & Co., 1887

Penni April 2015

There is a look in Penni ‘s eyes, an instantaneous moment in time that predicts one action, yet is also that brief “you’ve got one shot at this” invitation allowing correction and redirection.  It is easy to recognize, if you can catch it….in one pin-pointed blip on the radar the entirety of a 130 pound Great Dane is focused, poised, energized….readied like a loaded gun….and then, as if the trigger has been pulled, the explosive energy forward is unstoppable.

April 2015

Penni has a passion for our new little kids, Montana, Clark and Lott.  She seems confused by her primal instinct to hunt and chase, and her desire to “mother.”   With direct supervision, she is off-leash now within the goat’s penned area.  Clark and Lott were the bottle fed babies, and they seem to have no problem with Penni ‘s sniffing and slobbering….Montana on the other hand, was raised with the herd and is much less accepting of Penni ‘s affections.  He stares at her … in Dane language that is the equivalent to, “You want a piece of me?” , which then causes the response back, “You want a piece of ME?” … and the chase is on.  If I can catch the stare, before the quiver of muscle just prior to take off, I can stop the chase with a stern, “OFF IT”….but it is a very brief moment, and the cue is ambiguous at best.

Penni and Clark 2015

All of this energy, the entire reason for the chase is that Penni needs to sniff, and slobber……but how can you reason with a strong-headed goat…..and how can you negotiate a warmer encounter with a female Dane driven by her desire to mother.  For safety’s sake, the use of a shock collar may be in order here.  I don’t advocate the frequent use of those, but in terms of a dog’s or goat’s safety, I’d rather Penni got a quick jolt than a pair of broken ribs from horns on Montana’s head….and if Montana is in a vulnerable position like his head is through the fence and his horns are preventing a quick pull back…I’d rather he not hurt himself because he is panicked.  He’s just too cute!!!

Montana April 2015

Everyday, Penni is calmer and more bored with the whole situation…especially when it comes to Clark and Lott…they don’t run…but the chase……..that is a hard game to give up!!

Penni and Clark April 2015

Thank you for visiting the farm today!!  I hope you have a fabulous, Sunday!!

Your friend from Oregon,


Penni the Goat Mama

  –  Pay no attention to my shushing of my husband…LOL

Our Great Dane, Penni ‘s first introduction to Montana, Clark, and Lott was….well, shall I say, exuberant??!!  The excitement was immediate, and intense.  That of course, is Penni ‘s way.  She is big, her excitement is big, her movements are big, her voice is big, and her heart is huge!  Penni demands to be “Mommy” to every new baby critter she comes in contact with….the new Kids were no exception.

April 2015

Basically, the afternoon and evening were all about trying to welcome, and help make our little ones feel comfortable and safe….and allow Penni to get some familiarity with the little critters that she can see through the windows of the house.  If we wanted to have any peace at all, this was non-negotiable.  I knew that it was going to be the kind of day that would require a lot of patience, and a good, sturdy leash.

April 2015

As big as she is, Penni can still stick her head, all the way through to her shoulders.

April 2015

Getting her head out, is not as easy.

April 2015

Does this picture look familiar??


She is ever watchful…these are her new babies.

April 2015

Once a baby is smelled from head to toe, and slobbered on all over…they are hers.  Be it chick, kid, or poult…her motherly instincts are strong….either that or…..no, I don’t want to think about the “or.”  It’s never been the “or”….but sometimes it looks like the “or.”

Today, the leash came off….but NOT inside “The Stick” (Candlestick Park)….only on the outside of the fence.  Thank goodness for this reduction of intensity.  The exuberance is still there, but she has brought it in a little bit, and is more able to control the instinct to just mow everything down to get to the kids. They are responding with a little more calmness around Penni too.  Everyone is adjusting…WHEW!!!   Right now, the adjustment period is strictly for the big dog and the kids…the little dog’s introduction will be several days from now…after more of the exuberance wears off.

Feeder and Water Tub

Other than that, the kids had a good night….no surprises.  They seemed warm and cozy, and everyone seemed well….very well.  I think they slept just fine.

APRIL 2015

I think they are happy!!

Thank you for visiting today!!

I hope you have a wonderful morning, day, evening, or night…whenever you may be reading this!

Your friend from Oregon,


The Boys

Last night’s sleep was pretty restless.  It felt like I wrestled all night with the logistics of the kids’ arrival.  Then, I had this dream…..

April 2015

It started out with Tony and I wrestling with the thought of where to store the hay…yesterday we purchased, loaded, and hauled 10, 80 pound bales of Willamette Valley Grass Hay from our neighbor who is in the hay business….anyway…back to my dream….

April 2015

….so we were trying to decide where to store the hay….time was running out, we had to go pick up the kids, but I hadn’t cleaned out the x-large dog carrier yet, nor put a layer of straw (or pine shavings) inside of it for them.  It seemed like nothing was in place…the gate to their “base camp” had not been hung, they had no water, and everything was still in the back of my SUV.  We had no time left we had to go.  I was flustered.  So we get there and the rancher already had the goats boxed and ready to go.  They were boxed up in a moving box.  He said, “Just leave them in here, and when you get home, put the box in the barn, leave, and then check on it in about a half an hour.  So we did.  When we went back to look, there was like this beautiful, glowing light in the barn (old chicken house) and lots of little animals….hedgehogs, burrowing prairie dogs, a small cat like cuddly thing that turned out to be a baby mountain lion (in no way did it look like a cougar cub), various miniature birds that looked like hawks, and seagulls, and two tiny, tiny baby deer…..spotted, and only about a foot tall.  But there were no goats…not one!!  I thought, “hmmmm…I need to get them some water” … and then my alarm went off.

Hahahaha….that was too weird.

April 2015

Welcome little ones!!!  We picked up our two….no, three little kids from the rancher at Cozine Springs Ranch ( http://www.cozinespringsranch.com )  – never go to pick up animals with extra money in your pocket…hahaha…our plan was for two!  The fact is, we couldn’t split up the twins…they were bottle raised together, and are very sweet.  The brown one was raised with the herd going out to forage with mama from the beginning.  He will be a good teacher for the two bottle fed kids…they have a job to do.

April 2015

We carried the two bottle fed babies into their new enclosure, but the brown kid wanted a different kind of entrance.  He needed to feel out the territory first….then once he had feet on the ground…he checked out the hay….kept walking and started munching on a patch of grass….YES!!!  Exactly the job we need them to do.

Their names…..introducing….. Lott (as in Ronnie); Montana (as in Joe); and Clark (as in Dwight)…in that order!  Hence the need for their stadium…Candlestick Park II…in case you haven’t guessed, or just plain have no idea….it’s all about the 49ers…as in football that is.

April 2015

So there you have it….our introduction into the world of goats…livestock….growing this farm.  Will it be sustainable??   At some point will we start producing income, instead of sinking more money into it??  Will I ever have to mow again??  There is one answer for everyone of these questions….only time will tell.

April 2015

I have found that this breed is nicer looking in person (or in goat in their case, LOL) and not as photogenic.  They are a rugged breed, the Spanish Heritage Goat….built for ranging outdoors most of the time, and in their enclosure only when they want to be…but not yet…they are too little, and fluffy, and cute.  How was their first interaction with Penni our Great Dane….that’s tomorrow’s story.

Thank you for helping us welcome the newest members to the farm, today.

I hope your day was wonderful!

Your friend from Oregon,


Crazy Goat Eve

This day, April 6, 2015, will officially be known on our farm as Crazy Goat Eve.  Tomorrow is the great goat experiment.  It has been close to 4 weeks since we have seen them, soooooo…I’m not sure what to expect.  How big will they be?  Is the “base camp” area we have planned for them big enough for the next 5 or 6 weeks until we get the first real pasture and goat barn built?  YIKES!!  I don’t knoooooowwww!!  I’ve been just a tad…stressed….even had a few scary goat dreams, but I think those have passed…hahaha.  I hope so!!

Goat House 2015

The preliminary plan is to adapt the old hen house to support our little Spanish kids for 5 or 6 weeks.  I cleaned the place from top to bottom, and Tony enlarged the chicken door to fit our young charges.

Goat House 2015

Creating a temporary “base camp” was the main mission of the day, today.  We had to move the house, now known as Candlestick Park II (you will understand that tomorrow) about 15 feet.  This would allow us to put up the fencing and evade this beautiful, stomach upsetting tempting goat treat…..Camillia Tree flowers and bark….

Camillia Tree

….the blossoms are falling off now, which are not toxic, but apparently, can cause stomach upset in goats.

Okay, so the house did separate from it’s foundation a little…a lot, but it is fine now….we lined it back up just fine…

Goat House 2015

….it’s just a little off…..I thought it was lined up better….LOL.  No worries though because there is a large base for the skids to rest on.  I tested it out, and it didn’t tip over so it all good!

Goat Yard 2015

The fencing went up pretty quickly as the ground was soft from all of the rain.  It was so great to find that the roll of fencing we had left over in the barn was enough to encompass the entire area which is about 1500 – 1600 square feet.  These little guys are used to foraging over 250 acres with the herd, or staying in if they prefer….hopefully this area that seems large enough for a few weeks will keep them safe and entertained enough that they don’t push their fence boundaries.

Goat Yard 2015

There are stumps for climbing onto, and jumping off of ….. and a patch of cement to help keep hooves nicely trimmed….

Goat Yard 2015

…and of course, Penni took on the responsibility of checking the yard for and weak spots….after all, we all know that these little goats will be Penni’s kids.  I think she’s as excited as we are!!

Goat Supplies 2015

“Get goats”, they said.  “They take care of themselves,” they said.  Then, why does the back of my SUV look like this???   Well, I guess I needed these things anyway….right???  At least the two bags on top are for the chickens..LOL.  Beyond this, we have a barn to build……pasture fencing to pull…..and a whole lot to learn!!  I look forward to sharing it all with you along the way.

By the way, make sure you stop in tomorrow to meet the newest members of the farm….I can’t wait!!!  AND…there are now…

Geese on the Pond 2015

…four Canadian Geese (2 couples) on the pond!!!  That must mean something good.

Thank you for stopping by today.  I hope your day was absolutely wonderful!

Your friend from Oregon,



A Surprise Delivery!!!

March 2015

Yesterday we were surprised with a very special delivery……well, we are expecting our little wethers…..so….guess what??!!!  Are you ready?????  Were we ready?????  Well… we had better be….because….you may have guessed it already, but…..


Tony and I are pleased to announce the arrival of the very first goat to our farm…….please welcome….

Goatee the Goat!!

Goatee the Goat

Isn’t he a cutie!!! Tony surprised me with this little gift in the mail!! So sweet!!

Our thoughts lately have been all goat.  Where do we put them??  I mean it seems like an easy question, but it’s not….not at all.  We need to set up “base camp”….there is a lot to think about, like…Will the barn structure block our view? (that is all me..LOL)…..Do we make base camp within and around an already existing structure? (most of those are too close to the house  – I’m thinking flies and smells here)…..If we build a new structure, how much is THAT going to cost?? (I do not want to spend a ton of money, but I want our kids to be safe.

March 2015

I like this spot….it’s on a hill which will make it a slight bit challenging to build the barn, but the goats will love it….just look at their play ground…..


….there is a bunch of brush for beyond the grass for them to enjoy.  It’s a great location!!  Far enough away, and down-wind from the house.  Tony thinks it’s too far, especially when the weather is bad….he has a point.

On the other hand, there is this spot…..

March 2015

Of course….I’ll have to move this important piece of the farm….

March 2015

….which will be okay.  The garden gets just a little too much shade for too long in the morning, and I need to make it a bit bigger this year.

Anyway, back to the goats….I need your help.  Where would you put Goat Base Camp?

March 2015

The foreground is closer to the house…..a lot closer to the house.  Looking straight through to the tree line is the location I first suggested….with the brushy playground, and further from the house.  One downside is that this is a good hill to sled on when it snows….but there is another!!  So…where would you set up…closer to the house…or out by the tree line?

Thanks for your visit…and your help!!

Your friend from Oregon,


Two…The Next Step

Two…..two are a pair……a couple……a set of twins……a pair of socks…..the usual number of hands, feet, legs, arms, eyes, ears……and mouths.  Let that sink in for a moment………..mouths????


GREAT BIG NEWS!!!!  The farm is growing by two mouths!!

March 2015

Two young Spanish Goat kids will be coming home on Monday, April 6th.  They are both males….wethers…which means they will be castrated by the time they join the farm.  One of the boys has been bottle fed, the other, nursed.  One is black, and one is brown….both are extremely cute!!

March 2015

The herd that our kids were bred into are not pastured…they roam around and eat down the brush on 252 acres….then come home every night to the barn.  Spanish Goats are bred for this type of life….our forested terrain is perfect for them.

March 2015

Sturdiness is synonymous with the Spanish Goat, and it is not unusual to have a buck reach 120 – 150 pounds.  Although they may be large, they have a milder temperament, and doe’s generally do not need assistance when kidding…..good information for the future, ’cause right now, our two castrated males won’t even be thinking along the lines of being daddy….

March 2015

Not a great picture….this guy was much cuter in person.  Tony reminded me that we’re not looking for cute….these are meat goats that will clear the brush.  They will have a job, whether it be to fill a freezer, or save us time on the tractor.  Have you ever eaten goat meat (Chevron?)  I have not.  The farmer we are purchasing the kids from, said that it tastes suttle, like pork, unlike lamb that has a stronger flavor.  We’ll see what happens.

There is a lot to do to get ready for these little brush hogs…..stay tuned!!!

Thank you for sharing in the next step of growth on the farm!!  The next few weeks should be very exciting!!

Your friend from Oregon,



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