Time to Redefine our Lives in Oregon

What the Hay??!!

Good morning…..or good afternoon….or maybe good evening!!!  Whatever time of day it is for you right now, I hope you are having a good day!!!

November 2015

First, a little business…. I want to introduce you to my new website, and if you have a chance I’d love to see you over there!!!


My new site is, well, basically all about Great Dane dogs…..mainly my girl Penni….but as the site grows, I will add more features that I am very excited about.  If you are on Facebook, there is a convenient link for you to “LIKE” us… if you’d like to LIKE us I’d be thrilled!!  If you would like to SHARE us on your FB page….I’d be tickled pink!!!!

November 2015

OK….back to the farm!

November 2015

We have had a ton of rain lately!!  Goats HATE rain!! I know, I’m sounding like a broken record…. https://haveadanehill.com/2015/11/13/goats-and-rain/ but they really, really don’t.  This is our first fall/winter with our goats….hay on wet ground just does NOT make good partners.  There is much waste once hay gets wet or dirtied.  So…looking around…I see a solution…the drying table for our black walnuts!

November 2015

November 2015

November 2015

November 2015

In it goes into the goat enclosure, and it worked GREAT!!  Did you catch that I said “Worked?”

November 2015

Oh well….back to the drawing board!  In the meantime, we’re just beating back the rain and hoping that the rivers around the area stay within their banks.

November 2015

Take care where ever you are today.  Don’t forget to visit my other site… http://haveadanehilldanes.com

Thank you for visiting our wet…no drenched homestead today.  I hope you have a wonderful day….stay safe out there!!

Your friend from Oregon,


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  1. I love your little farm. Visiting it through your blog is so nice… A great retreat from my life here in the Bay Area. Stay dry and take good care of those critters.


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